Motorino Diavolo No 1


Motorino-Diavolo is an IB-Ideenbau GmbH brand, which deals with
ideas for the improvement of vehicles.

Our first product is now available:
N° 1, the new selector box for Vespa, for very comfortable gear shifting.

Available for:

MD N°1.01 Kit:  PX-Lusso-Selectorbox/Springtube for PX-handlebar
MD N°1.02 Kit: Old-PX-Selectorbox/Springtube for PX-handlebar
MD N°1.03 Kit: PX-Lusso-Selectorbox/Springtube for VN-handlebar
MD N°1.04 Kit: PX-OLD-Selectorbox/Springtube for VN-handlebar
MD N°1.14 Kit: Selector for Lambretta 4-Speed
MD N°1.15 Kit: Selector for Lambretta 5-Speed

Selector box with spring tube: EUR 249,90 incl. VAT plus international postage and service per order.

You want to order? Follow our Link on the right hand side.

Our kits to swap from hand circuit to sequential are protected across all brands.



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